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Albino Orchid Blossom


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Im currently doing the collections for Aurora: Awakening. As some of you may know it requires you to revisit some old zones and do events/collections etc., one of these being Draconis Mons.

I've managed to collect all the items for Draconis Mons Master, apart from the Albino Orchid Blossom. Thankfully I did the Wayfarers Henge when the map was current! 

This Albino Orchid Blossom, according to its description, drops from Primodial Orchids.

Currently over the last two days I've cut down 70 Primordal Orchids and not recieved the it. I understand its all down to Range, but it seems a rather low drop rate.

Did anyone experience a similar situation when they came to obtain theirs?

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1 minute ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Just to be sure, you have not previously acquired one, as they will only drop once?

No I only unlocked the Aurora: Awakening collections yesterday and the Orchid is the only thing that is still shown as uncollected in the Mons Draconis collection. Definately not dropped one. All the items automatically unlock in the collections when you do.

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