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Necromancer minions

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Yeah, you need all minions slotted in water too. But what I reeeeally wish they'd fix is every minion being murdered anytime your hotbar is flipped for story purposes, bundles, being frozen, transformations, etc, then having them all on long cooldown when hotbar returns instead of just respawning them. 

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Not exactly in the same vein, but still necro minions, can we get better looking / alternate looks for them? The "meat puppet" look for them (less the spectre) isn't remotely in keeping with what Trehearne or Marjorie would hang out with, you know?  Maybe a mastery line you can pursue to get different looking minions?  Or a racial characteristic set, say "Night Court / Mordremothian" for Sylvari, Ghosts for humans, etc...

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