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living world season 3: how can I travel in this world? Goal: Top of the Citadel.


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I have a glider and mushroom bouncing but cannot reach the top of the beginning quest Citadel.  I see the white swirling updrafts but nothing happens when i glide into them. Do I need a flying mount from POF first? The mushrooms don't seem to get me to the top of the citadel, but maybe i'm missing something.

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6 hours ago, axian.8519 said:

Thank you for the link, very helpful. I was avoiding playing POT further as it is difficult. I'm finding expansions are wonderful stories and art work, but difficult for a sub-average combat skilled player.

You don't need to do difficult content to level your masteries.


There's map-wide meta events that occur at specific intervals, with dozens or sometimes even hundreds of players. You need only arrive a bit early (15mins is usually enough), look in LFG, join the group and then right click a player in the party and select " Join" to move to their instance where the coordinated meta is taking place.


The most popular metas to level characters for HoT (green) masteries is Auric Basin and Tangled Depths.



There's lots of videos on YouTube about meta trains and Hero Point (HP) trains. Both are undertaken by large groups of players throughout the day and will help you level your masteries quickly.


Furthermore, most expansion content is designed to be done by groups of players. Veterans can solo if they have a good build but for the most part you'll need a partner (at minimum) for many events, and sometimes even for story if you're inexperienced. Use the LFG, ask for help in map chat, and make sure you're running a good "sopen-world PvE build" from one of the many online build repositories, the most well-known of which is Metabattle.



Core was basically a single-player game (outside of a few exceptions like dungeons, Fractals and world bosses), while the expansions are an actual MMO and meant for more seasoned players/groups.

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I second the previous responses: it really doesn't take long to level the Glider Mastery track far enough to be able to use Updrafts.

I remember entering HoT for the first time: I was so confused by the map design, mastery system, and the difficulty of the roaming enemies (which has been toned down a lot since then, by the way) that I didn't set foot into it for another six or so months. 😄

So I am not going to lie to you: it will try your patience the most on your first walk through the expansion. However, masteries are account-wide, so the follow-up runs on different characters will feel like a walk in the park in comparison. 🙂

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Thank you all. I never heard of event timers and meta events. Thanks for the link to metabattle. I find the core game to be very enjoyable as a solo player. I need to group for the expansions, what I'v played of them I enjoy the storyies and artwork. Need to update my game.

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Also, when in game you run across something you want info on, just type /wiki somethingsomething. Just make sure you're in a save spot when doing so or you might return to your char dead on the floor, lol.


Like /wiki glider 


It will take you right to that page, Wiki really is your friend. 


To be fair, I solo almost everything. So it is not really needed to group up. Sometimes it's helpfull but most of this game is doable solo. Just need to know your skills and how to use them. (To be fair, I'm not as familiar with mine but still enjoy messing around. Dying is not the end of the world 😉 ) It's mostly dungeons and strike missions and the like that need groups. 

It's what makes this game great, you can play it however you like!

And that is with me just returing to the game a few months ago. I stopped playing due to not owning a pc/laptop. But I got right back in and although I sometimes muck things up, I have also always been able to find help within the game itself. Just ask for it in chat!


Enjoy playing!  

(don't know what server you're on but you could add me as a friend ingame if you like!)

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