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So the turtle feels underwhelming

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so i got my turtle before the changes to getting it on my 3rd attempt on the meta and after doing everything to raise it from a baby turtle riding it around feels so lame its very clunky and the jet boost mastery feels a bit lack luster, just overall it feels not worth the effort i put in for getting it. is this just me or do others feel the same don't get me wrong its cool they decided to make another mount but i don't feel it lived up to the hype they were trying to go for with it.

EDIT here is a bit of context when i finally got my skyscale/roller beetle it felt so good and the mount was amazing the turtle however felt like a step down from that. did not feel like it was a good thing to get after using  it, it was missing that "wow this is great" thing skyscale/roller beetle has.

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