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  1. There is a big misconception that defensive boons like Aegis, protection, regen and to an extent resolution and stability doesnt affect DPS. Those boons allows you to reduce the amount of time you spend healing while also reducing the chance of dying, which indirectly increase your damage. Putting aside one shots mecanic, giving your sub group perma protection for instance allows the healer to spend less time healing and do some DPS. Yeah it's not a lot but if you stack on multiple encounter, that's how you end up with good time result.
  2. So because a minority of people only wants HMech, you are asking Anet to make a global change that will affect every single Mech player ?
  3. That is a fair argument. I actually agree with that. Beside DE, the rest of EoD map feel empty if you're not doing collection, gathering material, doing meta event or doing story mission. On that aspect they messed up
  4. What if Anet want a challenging OW content ? You know something that isnt like 99.9% of the game where people can mindlessly spam 1. Not really ? Anyone is free to join discord such as Hardstruck and participate un their DE run. That is one example among many. Then have a better organisation Wrong. People will keep doing that event because it gives stuff to craft the new legendary weapons. You are shooting yourself in the foot but whatever I'm not the one crying that I fail an event.
  5. Thief pistol is good, I dont know what you're talking about. Engineer is uh....could use some love I guess Bladesworn is actually decent and offers good synergy with the trait line. Same for Harbringer. Overall pistol is a pretty solid weapon on most class
  6. PoF is overall more easier than HoT so just wait until you get to those map. You are new and dont know how to play your class, of course you will suffer. A good starting point to help you not die when starting a new class is to gear up with some toughness and a bit of vitality. People will always recommend berserker or viper for maximum damage but that is strictly for experienced player or group content which doesnt apply to you. For OW, celestial, trailblazer or a mix of marauder + berserker + whatever thing with power stats works.
  7. Speak for yourself. My main goal for getting a legendary is exactly for its QoL function. People dont know how comfortable and handy it is having to switch stats on a single piece of armour instead of crafting them. They dont know all of that until they get their hands on one piece of legendary equipement.
  8. Literally everyone trying to win the meta will say to equip CC, even before the escort start. If during the first boss of the escort, you dont do any CC, then you have plenty of time to switch your build before the main event. People are just selfish and dont want to change their way of playing. I rarely use the CC from that table but I also equip hard CC on my build. This is not an obligation I suppose this is another reason why pug group will always have no chance of winning this event. If you turn off mapchat on an event that requires coordination on 3 separate part of the m
  9. As a random nobody who decided to join their discord and pariticipate in their run I can tell you something. Yes the success rate is high but the reason is because people are actually playing good build and being useful. Anyone can join their discord and participate in DE's meta, that's what I did. Reading your post feels like you are wrongly attacking them for forming a community of people willing to gather together to defeat a boss map. The few HS member organizing DE are all chill and they dont mind explaining how and what to do everyday. But do you know why people are forming
  10. Then you picked the wrong section mate. Personnally I've never really like BR, the only BR like mod I played was Scarvenger on BF3 DLC, and even though the gamemode was fun, I only did it to unlock the crossbow.
  11. EoD maps lack stuff to do IMO, which is why they end up kind of empty. If you're not doing story mission, not preparing or doing meta event or gathering materials there isnt much to do except exploring. HoT for instance had TM and HP are champion which leads to more people gathering. PoF has bounty. EoD only has meta event.
  12. I can see where this comes from as someone who experienced Scrapper a weeks after its release. It is true that I also miss how gyro used to be separate entities filling various role but it is also true that AI pathfinding was and is still pretty underwhelming. A more easier approach would be if you press it once, it trigger the skill normally and you have the ability to ground target where you want to place it and basically send it there. Personnally I am fine with the current gyro. It is kind of boring but it works and get the job done.
  13. I just dont see what housing will bring that the game doesnt already have. Passes like Bastion Armistice, the new area I forgot the name or fractal one are example of things that already provides everything you need with an easy access. Personnal instances provide ressources. Housing would just be a customizable house that bring nothing, just place furniture, colour that and that's it. Unless they dare make a solo/group hub with services which would probably angry some people who had to pay for the services mentioned above.
  14. No it is not bugged. Yes it can happened, in fact it did happened in one my run but we had enough DPS to kill it afterward.
  15. The story is arguably the best among all the stories they made. Maps are pretty good but I have to feeling it's a bit lacking. Like there is one big meta event but if you're not doing story mission, hunting HP or preparing for the meta, it feels like there's nothing to do. Fishing is fun but I dont find myself fishing more than needed. Also fish bait and lure dont have a dedicated inventory slot which doesnt really make me want to fish actually. Same thing for the jade bot, though I havent even started upgrading its core. Oh speaking of which, I think Anet should have
  16. That was also a possibility I thought when EoD releases. However I dont think they will do that because initially Strike was supposed to be an introduction to raid and well raid is basically forgotten at this point. Well maybe they'll add more raid with post EoD LW who knows.
  17. For those who are still failing DE, I suggest you join Hardstruck discord. Their commander arent afraid of explaining the strat to new player and manage group. However it is recommended you bring meta build though you wont be kicked for not bringing the good build. I promote them because I had no issue with them and my success rate so far is 100% with them but if other people know guild willing to do the same, feel free to share.
  18. There are much better alternative than tornado for non power: mortar : long range, good soft CC+field combo, no CD supply crate: great CC, some utility in form of turret, decent CD stealth gyro : stealth+smoke field, good duration and potentially superspeed, decent CD prime light beam : unblockable, good CC with potential light trail dealing damage and good reload overclock signet : omegalul who actually play Mech in WvW? I cant really think of anything here that Tornado does but better. Plus the skill has a relatively long CD for a poor effect.
  19. My armour + weapon are berserker and all my rings, trinket, necklace and backpack are Diviner ? (power/precision/ferocity/concentration). Currently running rune of strenght since it's a relatively cheap rune with good effect. I can fairly decently keep a 100% Quickness uptime by constantly spamming heal gyro, function gyro + 2 other gyro and toolbelt skill. I've only tried it once but it seems I can also keep a 100% alac uptime while in combat as long as I spam the mace auto attack twice or so. For holosmith however, you will be loosing damage but I guess you can play some ki
  20. I dont like SPvP because there is too many restriction in your build and skills are often way to different than the PvE counterpart. I get that this is for balance but when you have a skill that goes from 20 sec to 40 sec with a nerfed effect, that is a big yikes. In WvW if I want to do a hybrid berserk + cavalier for instance, I can which is nice. 1v1 in WvW isnt the issue here. My problem is when people start DMing you about X or Y because you didnt "played like you should" . Little story here : 2 days ago I was taking a sentry to reset my participation and a condi dr
  21. In my book they are equal. Sure maybe thief can stack stealth more easily but as someone who built a condi mesmer for the sole purpose of wasting time to a zerg, the ability to cast the same utility twice, the trait that improves stealth, the access of both TP and stealth and the ability to port other players makes mesmer equally if not more annoying than a thief. A thief in the lord room is annoying since it can easily solo the lord but a thief within the first wall will just be annoying a perma contest the keep. A mesmer however can port enough player to break down a wall/gate.
  22. Tbh this isnt just a thief issue. All classes that have access to lots of mobility and concealment are pretty much unkillable if you're not yoloing. Chasing thief or mesmer is very annoying if you're not a thief or mesmer yourself. At least Anet added that reveal thing when a keep has been captured so you dont have to spend 5 min chasing for the stealth thief or mesmer camping within your wall.
  23. And I also said you need players willing to actually do that. Which means looking for people who are giving out Quickness, Alacrity, Might, Fury.....in short something organized. But hey I would rather be a joke that actually complete the the entire meta without failing rather than not being a joke but fail all my attempts. /shrug
  24. In the end of the day, this meta requires a minimum of coordination and player willing to play build proven to be efficient. Whether you like it or not, people who have a high success rate are those who does just that. But you guys are free to do whatever you want with these advices, I've won this meta event several time already and there are plenty of people out there who are willing to explain and properly set up for DE. The choice is yours.
  25. A good indicator of whether or not you can expect a group to succeed is in how much CC your group does, followed up by how much damage it does. I tend to check how goes the first few champion we face during the meta and if there's no CC; I just leave. People have no idea how important CC are to both survive and deal damage.
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