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Request for create an official thread-s with a list of problems, underpowered and underused traits and skills to be reviewed-reworked. Maybe, feedback ones.


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@Fire Attunement.9835, @Rubi Bayer.8493

After reading the great news about the future of GW2. In it there is a section dedicated to updating professions and balancing. Explicitly mentioning that:
"In addition to the number tweaks that you're used to seeing, the team will be revisiting some underpowered and underused weapon skills, traits, or utilities for each profession in each profession update to help expand your arsenal."

Consequently, players have already created topics about what to change or improve... But without any basis other than each player's own desire or idea about what should or should not change. We do not have the necessary statistics or a list of what is really going to be reviewed or changed. It's a bit like trying to throw ideas into the air, blindly, about things to improve that probably won't even be reviewed.

With several months still to go until the release of the next big balance update, I think it is a good time, with the new specializations just arriving, the meta still settling and the threads of bugs and comments about them still open,  to try to unite everything and create a good balanced base for the future.
Is it possible that you can give us a list in the near future of issues, lack of synergy, skills, traits or utilities that you are going to review or modify? Also deeper planned changes in professions and specializations that we can discuss such as the spirits of the rangers or banners of the warriors. Maybe certain core or specializations reworks planned...

If a good base is created now by taking advantage of the recent release of the expansion with the new specializations, future balances will require less work. Perhaps a official feedback topic or topics could be created on the changes to be made in the same way that it was done with the specializations. Something that if done now will no longer be necessary later for further balance updates if you already have a good balanced base.

In any case, even if the development team does not need our ideas for the balance matter. At least, we would have a basis on which to debate, on what is really going to be worked on and also propose other things that it should be reviewed that is not included in the list, if possible. And so not to waste time trying to give ideas about things that are not going to be discussed or reviewed.

Thank you for reading.

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The two or three devs responsible for throwing a dice instead of real balancing are just circlejerking. Community feedback is great, but we have seen how they can handle that for 9 yet unreleased specializations... I don't think they want to hear us cry for 18 more specs plus 9 core classes with endless trait lines and utilities. They can only ignore so much forum threads kappa

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