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[Suggestion] WvW Supply Pack Reward Track


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Was posted on the old forums but figure it's one to drop back out there. How about a reward track that gives us WvW items that we use on a regular basis. Picture something along the lines of the first 3rd would be materials to help craft siege and banners along w/ WvW currencies, base siege and possible mats. 2nd third would be the same but would be in line w/ superior siege, middle level banners and mid tier mats for armor crafting, food crafting materials. Last third would be the guild level of siege, 3rd tier of banners and again higher level materials and currencies for higher end crafting, ascended food seed pouches. Final reward would be one of the selectable group of rewards style chests, hero banners, ascended mats for lego WvW armor crafting, additional tickets or higher end currencies, clovers and such. If need be if the concern is it would be too much make it a once a week reward track you can run.

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2 hours ago, Morden Kain.3489 said:

Hmm... I think this has merit, especially if it is made a once a week/month event.  Anything for the Legos would be nice.  I think someone calculated the time gate of 20 weeks maxing the reward tiers for the week to get all your tickets for Lego armor.

Lego armor takes you either 22 or 29 weeks for the tickets depending on which skin you want. Ways to get them faster or more would be a really nice change.

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