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Nothing more to say!..



PD: Dont nerf Dragon's End Final Meta Event, i love to watch the ppl suffering.(joke). I love the tryhard gaming style.


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You mean for the Mechanic. I would like to see that as well.. The turtle mount skins don't give me much hope though cause even the skins still have the undyeable chemical green jade cannon. I know that from a lore pov that makes sense but then add something where Jade can be colored in some way and be done with it. Everything jade has to be that chemical green and that's a shame in a game where fashion is important, also for revenue.

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51 minutes ago, Fueki.4753 said:

Dyeable Ranger pets, when?

Dyeable Shrouds, when?

Dyeable Minions, when?

If one specific mechanic is allowed to be dyeable, all of them ought to become dyeable. I'd prefer if Arenanet spends their resources on other things.

No thanks, the minions are of flesh and bones so dont need be dyable, the ranger pets mmm is a good point, some of them need to be dyable yes!, i hope they do it too, but Shrouds, no thx?? ANET spend his resources in what they want, what they believe make feel better his players. Thx for you reply.


I understand Jade is green from nature, that cool, but the heavy gear pieces of metal of the Mmecha it gonna be cool if we can Dye, or meaby find a kind of mineral that combine with jade to make it to another colour, like quaggan ink, a part of the history that make you possible to Dye the Jade!!! n_n SUGOII!!!

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