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EoD Map Changes

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Is there any reason why there are so many map changes in End of Dragons? Doesn't matter which map I'm in, it seems I'm only there about 5 minutes before being asked to switch over to another map, which, arguably, is just as populated, if not less so.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen more than 20-30 players on a non-meta map, which is very thin for a new expansion. Are there too many map instances/IPs causing players to be spread over too many maps, or does the tolerance need to be adjusted to allow more players on the map?

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The maps just have very low population caps. I'm not sure how high they are now (i think they got increased at some point), but originally they all seemed to be around squad-sized, possibly with some earlier maps having even lower caps (on Seitung within first days i've rarely seen more than ~10 players present, and that was the time when there was the biggest player rush towards EoD content).

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I accidentally triggered the leviathan in Seitung last night. Called out in map chat, and enough people came to succeed. I would have sworn there was almost no one in the zone.

Having said that, I was in New Kaineng a little later and asked a question in map chat and got zero reply. Didn't run across anyone as I was cirling the map trying to figure out where I could find Purists for the daily. But no prompt to move out of the map due to low population, either.

These maps are definitely strange.

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