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Fishing party buff removes incentive to participate in events

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I think the idea of having fishing holes + collections in every map is great, to give old maps some life.

However, when I'm fishing on those maps I often find myself willing to help on events (specially when someone asks in map chat "can someone help me take out xxxx?"), but at the same time look at those Fishing Party stacks that took quite some time to build up, and some times I need to consider the tradeoff of helping paticipate on events vs losing my stacks.

I feel like this is probably not a great design? To me it seems that the fact that the fishing party buff is removed after 15 seconds of leaving your boat, is just detrimental to the cooperative nature of Gw2, where it should be a win-win for everyone that participates to an event.

Are there plans to revisit the fishing party mechanic?

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They should retool Fishing Party so that it applies/links the buff to the player, not the boat. Stacks of Fishing Party should accrue/go up/refresh when you fish from your Skiff (and open water catches should count toward this!), but after that your stacks should stay on you for an hour or so to ensure you can take breaks from fishing to gather materials, partake in events, fearlessly switch maps, recover from disconnects, and help other players.

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15 seconds is horrible. sometimes you get agro and lose your stacks cause your boat is destroyed and you have 3-4 mobs and can't kill them fast enough and get out of combat (yeah we know how broken that system is) and lose an hour's worth of fishing. they could make it so they last 30 mins, like food. or even make it stick as long as you stay on the map, although if you disconnect you'll probably lose it.

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