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Have you seen the new berserk chapters?


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The Guts Vs Griffith parts, it's like non cringesworn warrior against any other class, desperate doing 0 damage on a weakness fiesta, and zodd is the +1 💀.


Berserk spoiler ^

I quit forums since this is just a place of ignored copium with biased devs in the balance team 💀 (i could wish this is not true now, but my tank of hopium is empty), i just wanted to post this.

GL with this class folks, lol.

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berserk honestly feels like the story is just getting started, even after all these years, pretty slow story progression, kinda like one piece in that sense, but its very satisfying to watch the characters grow from scratch, more intimate i guess. 🤣


think guts'd be a level 12 fighter now at this point in time in d&d age 🤔


sigh.. gw2 warrior 🥺😓 how the not-so-mighty have fallen 😭


i honestly would go for the good ol' "x" + def + disc era right now, its gotten so bad, i just wanna backtrack to the good ol days. 😓 at least you could still outplay all the op 💩 back then, kitten condi mesmers. 😑 🦋😵

now you crit for 200-400 in full power dps gear 

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