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Making op elite specs has implications


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Implications are:

1: some people who are dumb get better ranking which ranks them with better players who get stuck with them and lose the match(this did happen, the harb just sat there spamming 1 into the distance and then later he actually decided to use his other skills to take a point but by then the other team was at 500)

2: condi cleanse becomes almost impossible

3: sustain must be gained supernaturally because you building for full damage because you have to output decent counterpressure 

4: skill is almost irrelevant as long as you're playing a submeta profession/elite spec


Sorry about the rant thread just want to make sure everyones aware.


Also anet, harbinger is still ridiculous.

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Also note. Its not only harbringer that is overperforming. Its more like litterly every New EoD spec does. Cause most of them are able to eather. Deal massive damage while been able to "tank" decent amount of dmg. (Best class you see this are harbringer or bladesworn) Or dealing fair amount of dmg while been so tanky you cant even kill them with like 20k rotation dmg comb. (Best class you see this would be specter or vindicator). 


In the end we would need an Overall nerf for like every EoD spec and i dont mean core traitlines i for Real mean EoD things!

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Personally speaking.... I was one of the people most salty about the EoD specs when they were realeased. Most things were just a straightup powercreep. Mainly Harbinger and Willywonka.

Since yesterday i would say that only Harbinger was maybe a tiny touch to sustainy, and Vindicator was just a big bunkery mess.... not killing you, but also not dying.

Since the patch that hit yesterday... i think everything is in a pretty good shape.


"4: skill is almost irrelevant as long as you're playing a submeta profession/elite spec"

i definitely understand what you are saying here. When you are trying to make shortbowRenegade work... you will fail miserably. HOWEVER, you do NOT have to follow the meta to be effective. Especially right now i think that you can make just about anything work, aslong as you keep in mind what you are about to face in pvp. If you find a build that can deal with the current "metabuilds" you will have great success.

I am playing Conditiontempest currently and i have no problems fighting any of the EoD specs.... There currently are alot of specs that perform better than the EoD-specs. We kind of have to stop QQing and start thinking about the possibility, that you might not have that much experience fighting the newer specs, compared to the older ones, and therefore do not know how to properly fight them YET.

For me it was a long learning process and i had to jump on every single EoD spec to see whats going on.... but having played them all.... they are fairly balanced currently, especially after yesterdays patch, which nerfed the 3 strongest specs BY A TON.

Dont get me wrong... Harbinger and such are incredible! they are REALLY strong... but so are specs like Deadeye, Soulbeast, Dragonhunter,Tempest, yada yada.



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