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Looking for: Stat Selectable Exotic Warhorn

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Easiest way to get one is to buy one from a vendor that sells them like the magnetite shard vendor in the aerodrome.  Though those are unlikely to be exotic, I think I've only seen ascended on that vendor's list.  And with ascended, you can always stat swap them using the exotic inscription of whatever stat set you want to swap to in the mystic toilet. 

Second easiest way is to craft one with the stats that you want. 

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6 hours ago, LightBlueFables.7126 said:

I've googled and searched with limited success.  What is the fastest way to find an exotic warhorn that is stat selectable with POF attributes as options?  Thanks in advance.

What kind of stats are you looking for exactly? If you know what attributes you're looking for, you can try TP and search for "Siren" under Warhorn, although not all attribute combo will be available.

Or buy a Plated Warhorn from a vendor in Dragon's Stand. They are stats selectable except for the EoD's.

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2 hours ago, LSD.4673 said:

EDIT: Hah! The one weapon it doesn't have in there is a warhorn. Who'd have thunk'd it?

It does though?

Your fastest way seems to depend highly on which content you play.

If you have any amount of guild commendations and shimmering/tenebrous crystals piled up, that's going to be quickest.

If you play WvW or PvP you might be able to buy the Obsidian weapon box and pick one from there.

If you have sufficient HoT currencies in your wallet, the machined one is likely the fastest.

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