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Guild Hall Favor d- suggestion for new way to earn favor

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Favor is currently earned by doing missions.  There is not other way to earn favor and you need favor to upgrade the Guild Hall.  For Guild Halls formed a long time ago, like 10 years or more, and the people have all moved on except for a few, there is not way to earn favor because one cannot get the few together to do a mission.  I would like to propose the favor be granted for WvW claims.  So, if an objective is claimed by a Guild, it gains favor based on the objective and how long it is held, and maybe even the level of the objective.  For a camp you get favor based on time and level, same for tower and Keeps.  This way a small guild could still slowly upgrade it Guild Hall.

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It is a good idea. I think guilds should be awarded for claiming and holding WvW objectives for a certain amount of time. 


I have to say though: yes it will limit your progress. But easy guild trek and easy guild bounty are easy to solo. The bounty is an open event on the map which other players can join. So ask around if you are unable to kill the bounty alone. The medium guild trek can be done with 2/3 players. Or if you are familiar and have good loading times it can also be soloed. 

The guild challenges are based on HoT builds. Most of them have a minimum requirement of 10 or 15 players but it is very easy to do with 5 players. So dont worry those suggested amount of people is usually inaccurate. 

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As Sobx says, you can (very slowly) accrue Favor all by yourself.  It does help if your guild had some former glory and unlocked most mission categories.  My original guild is nigh inactive now but I and two or three others did over the years max out most everything, with me doing most of the Favor gathering and occasional bursts of mats contributions and the others donating lots of mats and occasionally joining missions.  You will need to have the necessary guild permissions to activate missions.

Simplest Trek:  Bring up the wiki page for Guild Trek so you can quickly find where the locations are.  (Dulfy's page used to be way better, having multiple images to show both the map location and the physical view once there, along with instructions for tricky ones to find, but the wiki works).  Plant that on another monitor or device if possible.  Use an alt that has every core wp unlocked.  Bonus if the alt has good stealth, to allow getting away from aggro before getting locked in combat that can slow down the port to the next spot.  You only need to get to five spots so unless your map load times are horrendous you'll easily tap all five in the time frame.

Simplest Bounty:  It will always be one of three, Fields of Ruin or Kessex or Harathi Hinterlands.  I believe the wiki has the bounty routes available.  If not, Dulfy's old page miiiight still work.  For Fields, the target walks a very tight loop, most of it in Ebonhawke, so you're quite likely to have others dogpile on with you to help.  In Kessex the route is much longer and includes underwater, which can be annoying if your timer is running out and Poobadoo is swimming and you aren't comfy with underwater combat.  In Harathi it can take forever to find the target but if you ask in Map someone will usually speak up if they have eyes on it.  Alternate method:  Scout around until you find one of the targets.  Activate the guild mission.  If you get the target in front of you, have at it!  If another, cancel and wait the minute or two for the mission to be available again, and hope no one else kills it meanwhile.

Simplest Race:  Don't do it if it's Southsun.  Otherwise, try to go on a Monday evening (eastern time).  Many guilds will be doing it.  If you see a long enough timer (ie not just 3 minutes left, but closer to 15) activate it for your guild and successfully complete just one run through.  Everyone running the race during your guild mission being active will count towards your guild's completion.  If you are in the midst of a guild doing it, there will likely be people clearing out the mobs to help the racers.

Each of these gives you 300 Favor.  If you are solo or just a handful of people, that should be plenty to keep you going because you're not going to get the massive amount of mats together to do upgrades all that fast.

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