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"Transcendent Tempest" Trait only gives 7 seconds of bonus damage, rather then the listed 15

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There's not many steps required to replicate this either, just play Tempest, select the Transcendent Tempest trait, use a overload and hover over the buff, you'll notice it's 7 second instead of the listed 15. (or 6, but I think that's because it instantly goes from 7 to 6 cause like, that's how time works)

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On 8/26/2022 at 8:36 PM, Double Tap said:


This is actually an issue with the tooltip; the intended duration is 7 seconds. The tooltip will be adjusted to the proper value in a future update.

Thank you!

Make it 15, the spec is not overpowered by any means and would not be with it being 15s.

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