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  1. I'll pay cash money for a giant Kangaroo Springer skin, its crazy to me how one doesn't exist in game, it'd be the perfect skin for it, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease consider making one
  2. I didn't even know the Jade Bot was a thing, even though I own EoD, I might give it a look. But after doing research it looks like it takes a bit to get the stam regen buff part, so I might just practice with the griffon more instead, I'm slowly getting better.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been recently going crazy over the Griffon, I watched a few videos of the stuff you can do with it, and I decided I wanted to get one. Now that I have one I can say its quite fun, and def one of the best flying mounts I've used in a video game, even in ARK the flying mounts felt clunky, stagnant, even that games Griffon. Here in GW2 I plan to master the Griffon as much as I can, I've already gotten gold in every PoF Griffon adventure. One thing that's alluded me is how I can gain altitude, I watched two videos on how to do this, did both methods, and didn't get good res
  4. Tengu, I'd play a birdman in a heartbeat One thing that worries me is how a new race would be handled, though, I only started playing GW2 recently so I don't know how Anet is as a dev, but I came from FF14, and lemme tell you, the new races they added from the 3rd expansion onward were pathetic. They can't even wear helms, and only had one gender each at launch, and the devs don't have any intention to let them wear hats. If a new race required it to be half assed in GW2 due to time constraints or lack of dosh, then I wouldn't want a new race in the first place, I'd want them to either
  5. I doubt we'll get a one to one version of the Dragonslayer, but, despite the big kitten sword stuff being popularized by Berserk, it's not exclusive to it, just look at Monster Hunter, FF7, the Souls games, some of the greatswords here are absurd too. If you look hard enough, I'm sure you can find a suitable slab of metal of a sword in game.
  6. Alternate Title would've been "Sell me on Skyscale" so think of this post like that if you don't like the original title I've been farming gold in Drizzlewood, I don't have a Skyscale, but I've found I can mostly keep pace with other players using Raptor and Springer, sometimes I miss a boss mob after the main south meta with the chests, but that's less because I'm slow, and more because I don't know where they are at. Normally I can keep pace, if there's a cliff, I use the Springer, then Raptor, I keep pace with the Skyscales most of the time, so lemme ask, what's the point of the Skyscal
  7. Ohhhhhhhhh its its own separate story level locked at 80 then! I was worried I'd have to complete the main story, but I can just use the level boosts I got from buying the expacs, then head back to the base game with my mount
  8. How would I go about getting to PoF? Can I skip to it from the main story somehow? Rather then having to do the whole story?
  9. Hi everyone, first post on the Forums here so be sure to tell me if anything is off with my post I just started playing GW2 recently and so far I'm having a lot of fun, I quit FF14 a few months back and this feels way better, I'm managing on my own too, and when I need help with something the wiki or a video tends to help. But there's a few things I'm still unsure about, classes, gathering, RP, mounts, etc, I'll let you see below 1. Whats the quickest way to get decent gear at level 80? I'm leveling up super fast, and I'll be level 80 before I even finish the main story at this
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