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Very disappointed

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Purple Dream.6175

Aug 28, 2022, 04:07 PDT

We are from South Africa and bought this game and was not cheap. We must say that is use to be nice to play but this is getting very unpleasant. We understand to get a skyscale wont be easy but its getting ridiculous. I don't understand why do you make it so unpleasant. Its very expensive and the stuff that you need is very hard to get. Example: if you have to get the Kralkatite ore, its says that the bandstone media shower has fallen, when you get there you cant find anything and you have to fight the whole time before you can do anything.
Another thing, you know when you live in South Africa its very different than US, so when you want to buy gems, you pay your butt off. Why do you make everything so ridiculously expensive? You cant get nice skis or anything. Or is this game actually for rich people?
I must say I'm very disappointed and disgusted is this game.

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OMG one more player complaining about not wanting to play the game to get Skyscale.. 

They have already made it much easier with the return achievements and the Bjora Marches map that you exchange Eternal Ice for LW4 currencies in addition to greatly reducing the timegate between achievements.

Want softer than that? Sit on a pudding

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Please stop giving south africans a bad name. I'm also from SA and have been playing the game for the last 4+ years and sometimes i buy gems once in awhile. Mostly I just do Fractals, Raids and Meta's. (I'm a little broke after the Legendary Armour crafting, but yeah that me).

How about just try and play the game. There are numerous guides available to get gold. Check youtube, wiki.

Guild Wars 2 is a good game, although it has some bugs every now and again. Which game doesn't.

This game can be played free excluding the expansions bought. It just takes time and alot of patience (Sometimes).

And yes I work full time, so everything takes longer for me.


Enjoy the game it is an experience, not a race.


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