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RP still a thing here? Any guilds recruiting?


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Hey hey folks!
I'm Oddy, currently playing on Piken Square EU and was wondering if RP was still a thing on GW2.
I haven't roleplayed in a long while, was an active roleplayer during 2004-2016 on World of Warcraft and left the scene because of IRL.
Since then i haven't roleplayed at all but starting to miss the adventures, besides roleplay i was and still am a casual PvE-er who loves exploring, finding secrets, currently also doing map completion on 2 of my characters (80 human male elementalist and 80 human male ranger) because it helps me create a backstory for them.
And got to wondering if RP is still a big enough thing on this game that there's a community, i did a quick google search for a website or groups or something and all i could find were topics on why RP got hated on so much in GW2. Which is worrysome.

So i came to the forums in hopes i could find a collective that still RP's and takes in newbies to the GW universe that are rusty at RP in general.
If you wanna contact me either leave a message here or add me in-game!: Oddy.3526

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Hey there!

Rest assured, RP is definitely still a thing and happening. Aside from the connections subforum here on the Gw2 forums, another good place to check is this Roleplay Forum (removed the link as the site is now defunct) . As you're on EU, you might find the Wandering Roleplayers (this is an invite link to their Discord!) initiative especially helpful! While you'll find more information in their post, as well as an invite link to their Discord, the tl;dr is that it's a server and guild where a lot of EU folks advertise their monthly and weekly events, and also reach out for more impromptu RP.

Hopefully that helps!

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While I personally don't participate in RP, I know my guild does have an organized RP group that does at least 1 scheduled event every other week.  The guild name is Remnants of Hope (https://www.remnantsofhope.com/) and they based in North America.  They also have regularly scheduled GW2 WvW (tarnished coast server though), spvp, raids, strike missions, and some open world pve activities.  Besides gw2, they also have organized guilds/clans in SWTOR, ESO, and FF14

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