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Is there no dyable, basic backpack?

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But if you search for a dyeable satchel or rucksack, then I can only see the "Giver's Embellished Wintersday Gift Bag" from Wintersday 2021 or the "Canthan Traveler's Pack".

In the beginning, back items could not be dyed at all as they were coded like weapons which can't be dyed but can be animated. The ability to dye back items came around end of 2019 with the introduction of capes but only for new items.

They never retro-fitted the already existing back items. Therefore you still have two distinct feather wing back items (black and white) instead of one that can be dyed.

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actually, a dyeable basic pack would probably sell fairly well.  I don't like the look of the enormous back packs we already have.  
How big did you want it? Imo if it is large enough to have a bedroll attached to it, it is too big.
Single strap like the low level tailor's or scribe's pack? or a bit more substantial?
With or without hanging ornaments?

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