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Unchecked cheating for years


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A player in EBG was gliding from the cliff facing away from Anz towards their keep.  While still glidng they instantly teleported to their teamate on the ground, half way up the slope to the keep.


I immediately called out the cheating in chat, and my teamate who was right there said, there's no cheating there.


In what universe is there a way to activate some teleport while in current glide mode over the water still in the air.


All the players do is justify/deny/ and berate me for calling out things that are clearly beyond what is possible or intended such as macro chaining abilites, and that is cheating.  


The staff that should be responsible for the cheating/hacking/glitching in wvw have for years ignored the majority of players consistantly gettnig away with cheating.


I  have seen anet employees with there Anet tag in game right along some of the worst cheating players in the game.


Thats fine, I'm completly done with the idiotic current and past state of wvw, which is the only game mode I have ever spent time on.


You will in the future lose even more players because you have abandonded/ignored and broken so many promises, and failed so  miserably.


And to all you haters/ and deniers/ your just protecting your own methods of cheating, like the way you chain macro mount leap. raise your mount way high in the air  off the ground and rush forwards 3x the normal speed off the ground allowing you to cover greater ditances and not get dismounted or evade attackers.


I can't wait to hear your lame excuses/lag/glitch/terrain whatever, bg/mags/tc/sos/fc are the worst  servers that cheat and the players are toxic to anyone who sees them cheating and calls them out.


You deserve each other.


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When most people complain about cheating, its almost always just normal play and they're venting, so everyone writes off calls of cheating until they see it for themselves.


That said, the mount high in the in the air thing is just a visual/lag glitch that they haven't fixed since they were introduced.  I can't speak to the other stuff, though.

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Enemy gliders have been desynched ever since the release of gliders. It is extremely common to see someone run on the ground when they are in fact gliding far above. It is a client side prediction failure. It's not as common in other areas but still occur and every time people blaim "cheating". The most harmless version is the dolyaks where the the clients move them slower than the actual server is moving them, then as soon as they update (dying etc) they pop into existance, seemingly teleporting when they are in fact not teleporting.

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