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Just got the Expansion


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I saw all these things that support pet and jumped right in. Spent money I shouldn't have. It's fun! Then .... I saw ranger pets.


I was Always upset with out cookie cutter the pets were. Skin changes. A skill change. Stats same. Most skills same. In family of course. Now the 1 skill I could control is Erased and replaced with other skills.




I was really hoping that the pets would have a more.. dynamic differnce between each other amongst family. Instead... they're all covered in green crap and given identical skills I can control.



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For PvE I am playing ranger with double axes in unleashed ranger state, which means I can still press the same pet abilities as before and the pet isn't covered in green goo. For PvP I switch to unleash pet so I can teleport my pet onto an enemy player, then switch back to unleashed ranger, so your pet isn't covered in green goo often.


Yeah, Untamed not really improving the pet is disappointing. The real reason to play Untamed is if you want more intense gameplay over core, since Fervent Force allows you to spam your buttons.

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Pets are a bit bland and in fact a little weak even buffing them with "Sic Em" literally does nothing (maybe tail swipes is the exception). 

The real power of a pet is manipulating them for you own gain. The perfect example is using Smokescale's smoke field with a leap finisher to stealth yourself. Another good combo is any Canine with its Crippling Leap and Predators Onslaught (15% damage bonus) 

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1 hour ago, anduriell.6280 said:

Nope, tail swipes did some damage only when setting up the +50% damage from maul + Sic'em. Not anymore after the skill nerf anyway. 

I more meant PvE which didn't see the power coefficient nerf. PvP builds are a mixed bag where anything the enemy players don't expect winz.

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