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Third Traitline for WvW Zerg Druid?


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With the upcoming Patch i want to try out Druid for WvW Zerging but im not sure what third Traitline i should use.

Druid + Natur Magic + ?

Beastmastery is

  • Reduced CD on Search and Rescue. If you even want to play that.
  • Some Selfhealing via Natural Healing.
  • Reduced CD on Smokefield (Smokescale) for stealth blasts.

Skirmishing is

  • Quickdraw.
  • Some minor boons.

Wilderness Survival is

  • Some Minor Selfsustain increase.
  • CD reduction for Muddy Terain. If you even play that.


None of the traitline screams PICK ME. But rather tell me "I have like one Trait in me that maybe sorta usefull"

Maybe im missing something.


Any Ideas ?




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Why not beastmaster and wildness survival and druid 


I dont think nature magic  is useful


Wildness give you fury and condi removed ad beastmaster swiftness and regen i mix  both using guard as spamable 


Guard and the rolllback as stunbreaker 


Heal as one for pve while troll for wvw




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12 hours ago, Soilder.3607 said:

Build Editor - Gw2Skills.Net


Use this build for zerging. Post patch two viable optional traits will be Druidic Clarity and Grace of the Land. 


This is how the build currently performs.




Thanks for the answer.

Well, i looked at the Heal Trap and it does make sense to play it over the glyph.

Quickdraw is amazing and i actually wanted to play sword/warhorn anyway. So getting the Sword Trait is kinda nice.

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Id prob use beastmastery,  think that nature magic already boosts pets, even if that trait doesnt realy fit in that line, you might as well go all the way in and use beastmastery to buff again the pets, and then use pets like turtle and smokescale.

Think that in this patch engi invis get nerfed, a smoke field by druid or even untamed could get the spot of smoke blast.

other than that pets will be thoughter with beastmastery and turtle being ranged and having a bubble could be usefull if you use pasive stance and orders wisely.

out of that... well i think pets need a big rework to do their job properly in wvw for example, but once they get some changes they might be pretty good

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