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Please add a 6th guild-slot for the next beta

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Title says it, in normal operation I am fine with my 5 guild-slots (1-bank-, 2 PvE-, 2 WvW-guilds), but I am missing another one to choose the allianz-guid for the beta.

leaving my bank-guild (fortunately I have an alt-acc that kept it) and rejoining now after the beta is a kitten with all these restrictions on guild access.

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When its final, you wouldnt have 2 WvW guilds. You can only be in 1 WvW guild. You can still be in that other guild if you want of course, but it wouldnt serve any team assignment/alliance purpose other than them maybe being in the same alliance (just rep like normal).

So TL;DR by your own guild list, you dont need a 6th slot. Pick one of your current 2 WvW guilds as your main WvW guild.

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It has a purose to be in

- a real wvw guild (to play with them)

- a server community guild (to have a common chat channel)

And you are right when Alliances go live the Alliance can take over the the place of the server community guild. Or wwhen ANet manages to build a real alliance chat (incluing the members of the included guilds in the chat), then it would even free a slot.

But as so far guilds cannot join alliances and my guild likes to experiment a bit with different alliances for the beta's I need another slot just for the beta's. It isn't a real option to leave the  community guild for the betas week and rejoin it afterwards.

A temporary 6th slot for the beta would be much better.

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There's no point in programming something temporary for a beta because then people will expect it to be permanent. So they need to come to a conclusion on if they are going to add an extra one or not, and tell us the decision.

In your case Dayra in the final release you wouldn't need to worry unless you don't plan to play with either of the two wvw guilds you already have, and in any case once alliances are around you can use any guild as the wvw guild, just as long as they're linked to a alliance of players you wish to play with. You could choose your bank guild even and link it to the alliances of your two wvw guilds and get in together, his is pretty much how community alliances will function.


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