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Mail Outbox?

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Just out of curiously, is there an outbox for sending PMs? 

I've been trying to see what I sent to a friend but just realized it's not visible?

(and on an off topic, not important) why can't I see how long ago my friends last logged on???



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27 minutes ago, SouthPaw.9705 said:

(and on an off topic, not important) why can't I see how long ago my friends last logged on???

There are two options to do this:
1.) Create a guild and invite your old friends into that guild. You can see the day they have last been online. This method however requires your friends to have an empty guild-slot, which is not always the case. They do not have to accept, the date is visible immediately after the invite was sent. 

2.) Guildwars 2 - Leaderboards
You need to log in with your account-data, select Achievements and filter by 'Friends'. Next to the achievement-score is a horizontal line. If you mouse-over it, you get the exact date + time. The problem with this method however is, that it only tracks the last achievement-score update, so it can be a little vague. On the other hand, there are tons of achievements in the game, so even veterans get their score updated frequently. 

Outbox? No clue. Would be nice if we had something like that. When I do my mass mailings around xmas, I always /friend everyone who gets a mail. Then I nickname them "SENT" after the mail was sent, to keep track of the mails. Once I am done with the process, I have to remove the nicknames and un-friend them one by one. Outbox would definitely save me some work ^^.

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Cool, thanks for the answers, good to hear I'm not the only one interested in it.

I don't have many friends in-game but it'd be nice to see when my followers/friends last logged in, otherwise I don't know if they've quit the game and what-not :classic_unsure:

The guild roster is ok, but obviously you need to be a part of the guild, (if you're like me you just prefer to solo, but want a bit of chat now and then )

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