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Explosive Entrance in PvP and WvW


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I've tried making a build that relies on the reset of this via Dodging and it has no effect. So I thought that it was a Toolt traitline thing, then I tried changing to Elixirs and Explosive Entrance was still never reset. I also noticed that it never works even on the initial attack despite the tooltip indicating that it should work in PvP and WvW as written. You can test this out by taking the Blast Shield trait as that makes Explosive Entrance apply a Barrier upon use andthat use it reset when you Dodge. It does work in PvE as written. Is this entire functionality just disabled in PvP and WvW without any compensation or explanation?

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Then it must be me. It works for me in PvE, and I tried different builds in WvW having Mechanist, Holosmith, and Scrapper as my Elite spec, I even had a Core build only to see if it was any of the Elite Specs that produced the bug, changed my runes from Sanctuary to Firework to remove that variable and even the Core build without any bells and whistles never got the Barrier from Blast Shield on my first attack or any subsequent whgere I did a Dogde to reset Explosive Entrance.

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