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Apatia...! (SPOILERS)


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(NOTE: For anyone who has not finished Chapter 7 of the "My Story" storyline, this is a bit of a SPOILER, so please do not continue to read if you do not want to know something about the chapter ends. You have been warned... 🙂)

Hi all... 🙂

   Well, besides doing the Path of Fire storyline, I am doing the "My Story" line as well, and upon finishing chapter 7 I saw something that sorta made me go "huh?', and felt... wrong. Upon bringing Apatia back after being corrupted by the poisoned waters and put out of her misery by me (the main character, who at the time of playing is Aka Jlen, a Norn Ranger), both Trahearne and I went to the main lodge to give honor to Apatia. However, during the cutscene, it was Trahearne who gave the speech, while I at the end only gave one, ONE sentence. To me, that seemed... wrong, as Aka was the one who was Norn, not Trahearne, so she (in my mind) should have been the one to mainly speak on behalf of Apatia, Trahearne being "my" Commander or not. So, I was wondering if anyone else felt that this was a bit... off as well? Please share your views, as I would be very interested in hearing all your take on it. Thank you...


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Keep in mind that from chapter 3 of the personal story onward, the story had to be written in a way that would accommodate all five races. Yes your character happened to be a norn, but what if you were playing a charr, or an asura? Not only does the writing have to accommodate the five races, but there is also the cost of the voice actors - a single line of dialogue for the PC speaking is paid lines to 30 difference voice actors (1 per race per gender for english, german, and french).


So yeah, sometimes there are some choices that may not make sense for one race that is done for budget and development reasons.

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I already complete chapter 7 my character. i am level 80. why hasn't it say completing story. under Character adventure guide: adventure guide: volume five. there is no way i can complete it again. maybe it is bug. my character is mesmer. i look under my story 7. forming the pact is complete. i am way pass it. there is no way to do it again. can you check into it. to fix it. it is bug.

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