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Need Help with feeding Grawnk


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Working to obtain the Holiday Display Case which unlocks the For the Children collection to get the Star of Gratitude to get rid on all those excess stacks  of empyreal fragments.

To get the Holiday Display Case, Wiki sez:  Read Orphan Laine's Letter  <check>

                  Visit Grawnk in my home instance,  learn where Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone is:    <check>   today he's in Black Citidel

                 Wiki quote "One at a time, and only once per day, purchase the following 3 food items and return to feed the items to Grawnk.

                 Lists items 1, 2, and 3.

                 I obtain item one from the chef, return to Grawnk,   feed him.    He sez come back tomorrow.    Wait, I thought I was supposed to feed him 3 times.

                (I had checked and the Chef would not sell me all 3 at one visit,   repeatedly offering the one I had, so I fed it to Grawnk as instructed.)

                Off to the Chef I go and get item 2.   Can't buy item 3 yet, so back to Grawnk,   who refuses to eat it,  saying only "come back tomorrow, I'll be hungry then."

                What gives?   Is it a 3 day quest?   I'm okay with that, but the wiki quote  is heavy with coyspeak if that's the case.  



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Yep, it takes three days.  Could be worse.  Also, it does NOT have to be completed during Wintersday.  You only have to read the letter and speak to Grawnk the first time during Wintersday.  I think it was the following October before I returned with the first thing Grawnk asked for and finished everything up before Halloween (note, I created my account on December 30, so I was lucky I even talked to Grawnk before Wintersday was over).

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18 hours ago, DeanBB.4268 said:

I'd hang on to that letter from Laine (or whatever it's called) if you're not going to finish it, though. I believe it is the letter that triggers their presence in the home instance.

Nah, if you don't visit laine and grawnk during Wintersday, you'll get another one next Wintersday.  You MUST visit them during Wintersday in order to start the quest and have them present afterwards - if you don't talk to them during Wintersday, the quest does not start and they disappear until next year.  But once the quest starts, they stay until it is over. 

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