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After the most humiliating Monthly Automated Tournament of all time.... (read on)

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On 2/2/2023 at 7:09 PM, Paradoxoglanis.1904 said:

Remember when this was the case but for revs, or necros, or guards, or holos, or condi mirages... Nothing new here except now its like the first time in 8 years since stacking ele has been meta and everyone loses their mind. Meanwhile rev stacking has been meta for like a dozen MATs over the last few years. Pvp went to kitten long before EoD released their mess of elite specs.

when 8 different builds across 6 different classes dictate meta its fairly healthy.
if 4 " different " builds dictate meta on 1 class means something is REALLY kittened
oh and btw when the builds you described were " dictating " meta, condi weaver was one of if not the best sidenoder.

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