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Can't see the Sunqua Peak Challenge Mote

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I have all achievements (including CM achievements) in 98, 99 and 100. I can see a Challenge Mote to summon the Harbinger of Woe who activates the CM in 98 and 99, but I can't see a Mote in 100.

Other party members always have to activate it in my stead. What am I missing?

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1 hour ago, Infusion.7149 said:

Where are you trying to activate it from? It's at the first archway (on right side) if you have all the Sunqua achievements. It is next to a bush. If you see the talking deer you walked too far.

Yes, I know where it's supposed to be, since the Harbinger of Woe spawns in its place, but it remains invisible to me. 😐

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