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Soooo been about 2-ish years, maybe close to 3. Came back like last week and just not enjoying my old Rev. Looking at Thief. The Specter seems really cool! Though I'm wondering what does the core Thief bring to group content in general? Seems like decent to awesome breakbar damage but I'm not seeing much else beyond "lol damage" tbh.


My fun is enabling a whole party to have more fun. So giving out barrier, Alacrity, buffs, things... Thief probably isn't for me but Specter makes it super tempting. So thought I'd ask y'all how accepted Specter is in Raids and Fractals specifically. 

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Specter is pretty much the only spec people will let you run. LI Staff Daredevil maybe but you have to leap back and forth all the time while Revenant is basically a better designed Daredevil that can leap in place, or move, his choice.

The downside of Specter though is the AoE is awful and an embarassment to any mage or shadowmancer you'd see in any other game and venoms are a very boring and limited Utility but required for best damage as well as a "Trap" that takes forever to activate so everything may walk outa it's range by then. And Wells are spammed for Alacrity instead of letting us enjoy them for what they are. Unless you just really like Thief asthetically, or enjoy Daredevil mobility through open world and jumping puzzles and wanna farm on Shortbow forever, you can just play Necro and Spam AoEs, Quickness and generally be a god instead, or play GW1 style Assassin on Revenant or Guardian.

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