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  1. 1. Do you want the homepage to offer more Gem Store items?

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I would like to know your opinion regarding the future of Guild Wars 2 Gem Store policy.


During the years there have been many new items in the Gem Store. Not only different types of the same items but with the expansions and new mechanics new items entirely were added to the store. The amount exceeds by far what is displayed.

As more items are released the rotation of the items becomes slower and slower. Some don't see a comeback to the store ever (at least it feels like that), while some seem to be over-presented.

I can imagine it is getting harder to choose from all the options which items will be offered at the Gem Store. An automatic rotation that is preset works to some extend but leaves out newer items if the rotation isn't changed regularly. Ingame items like the Black Lion Statuette try to work around that but require a regular update as well.


The predecessor Guild Wars offers ingame items through a store that's accessible from the game's homepage (Store). Guild Wars 2 does the same (Guild Wars 2 Store) but the amount of items is minuscule in comparison to the sheer amount of existing items.


I would like the online store to offer much more items. While the ingame Gem Store shows the most recent items and newest skins and has regular discounts for items like bag or bank slots.

In the best case the homepage offers all items. Maybe without discounts (like it doesn't offer discounts right now, i.e. bag slots). 

A small notice at the top corner of the ingame Gem Store window saying "More offers here" for example that opens the homepage could do the trick. 


If you agree show your support with a comment and a reaction. If you disagree leave. A comment. And have a discussion or just share your opinion. 


Due to forum violations I had to repost this, sorry to whom I confused with my post and thanks to the people who participated in the poll before.

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I would like more gem store items to be available at the same time, but splitting it between the gem store and the website seems unnecessarily convoluted. If the reason they don't have more items up at once and don't keep them up for longer is because the custom in-game browser used to access the gem store (which is already a website) can't handle it then that might be a way around it. Although they're also upgrading that browser soon, and possibly could fix whatever problems make it unable to display more items. Or split them into more categories.

I'm not sure that's the case though because a lot of games and websites rotate the items in their online stores. Apparently it's an effective sales tactic (there's real-life versions as well, pop-up shops for example) and in games it also gives players an incentive to log in regularly to see what's new. All that applies regardless of technical limitations so they may continue to restrict and swap out items regardless.

(Having said that I've noticed sales lasting for much longer recently. Things which used to be discounted for just a few days at certain times like shared inventory slots and bank tabs have been discounted for longer periods and there seems to be a lot more in the promotions tab than there used to be.)

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