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Ascended bang for the buck


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I'd like to setup a roster that gives me the most options to engage in end game stuff.


I think I'm a ranger at heart but since I don't fancy engineer not thief as much, I decided to leave my ranger in exotic tier to mess around.

On the other hand, soldier classes I can see myself enjoying the most, hence why I crafted a full berserk set + Longbow, Greatsword, Sword and staff. Thanks to ascended mechanics I can swap the gear around between guardian, warrior and revenant.


After having consulted metabattle I'm on a toss up between Harriet and viper, unless you guys can point me into a more versatile direction? It would be a plus not to repeat weapons at first if possible.


Thanks in advance for your input

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Since you have ruled out engineer, I do think Heavy armor viper or light armor viper is going to give you the most bang for your buck. It sounds like you are already familiar with or enjoy the three heavy armor classes so I would stick with them and craft vipers. That way there is a little less of a learning curve when/if you switch to condition damage. I think you can use full viper for alac renegade and this would also make it simpler for you to get some runes or trinkets to have quickness firebrand or quickness berserker if you wanted later on.

A set of harrier for medium armor is probably most useful at the moment over the other armor tiers.  That said if you did make harrier heavy armor that's mostly staying on a firebrand atm. Revenant's two heal builds are a little off meta and take longer to learn than firebrand. Heal Alac Renegade is somewhat rare to see in the wild so if you are pugging there might be people asking you how it works and if you know what you're doing. Harrier on light armor gives you very few builds to play with.

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I have 7 professions at max: soldiers, adventurers and a mesmer. Thief and engineer didn't sit well (highly subjective I know) plus usually spell casters are not my thing, mesmer didn't turn my head around.

I was hopping harrier would rank higher, that way I'd have an offensive (the already crafted zerk) plus a defensive build I would hop on to fill a composition, but if harrier will pigeon hole me into firebrand only and if there's no other set that widens my choices, yeah guess I'll grind the viper then.

Thank you for bouncing ideas, didn't want to feel I missed out.

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22 hours ago, Ariete.6509 said:

Thanks to ascended mechanics I can swap the gear around between guardian, warrior and revenant.

Yeah, sure, theoretically, but very few of their builds reuse the same gear. 
Like, okay, you can share berserker+scholar gear between your power herald and power bladesword, but that is where the reuse ends.

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For end game content, you need dps, boon support and healers.

As you already have beserker gear, I would not craft Vipers as that is just more dps and there are almost no bosses for which condi-dps is better. Harrier could work for Firebrand and Herold altough other healers are better atm. Firebrand is nice for fractals though.


Edit: For Power DPS (berserker Gear), Willbender, Herold, Vindicator, Bladesworn, Berserker, Spellbreaker, all work well

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