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Unable to complete the operation (permission denied). (Code=49:58:0:0:101) => on every load screen

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Unable to complete the operation (permission denied). (Code=49:58:0:0:101) => getting this on every load screen!


also reported players getting booted out of INSTANCED COMBAT (like htcm, dhuum cm, strikes...).

what is worse is the party/squad ui shows nothing sometimes when booted from instances; and cannot leave/join group nor able to rejoin instance until get booted by commander. some folks are saying a retart of the game fixes it; others not.


but yeah, i like the 1990's popup windows of error messages. it really reminds me of the days-of-old




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i hope the scarcasm is detected on the me liking 1990's popups.
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lol funny, i can open the BLTC and got Trading Post icon and back to gem store .. every time i hit the Trading Post icon, it gives a nice really anoying popup: "Unable to complete the operation (permission denied). (Code=49:59:0:0:101)." I guess i will edit the title into the body since forum mods are merge-happy and then the title gets lost.

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You can always open a ticket with Support to find out what's happening based on the error code.

It can be something as simple as the game got confused as to what exactly your account has permission to do.  Maybe there's a bug you happened to trigger and put your game into a weird state.


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