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AFKers cheat too?

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Screenshot (hid names for privacy)


I was traveling in domain of kourna and a saw a strange group of afkers so I went to investigate. Upon inspection it appears that at least 5 revenants were standing there in malx using embrace the darkness and they weren't running out of energy.

I am amazed, how are they able to upkeep energy in their legend? That elite cuts through my energy like a hot knife through butter.

Not trying to complain about afker's but this instance was quite unusual.

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1 hour ago, SoftFootpaws.9134 said:

It's likely Replenishing Despair.



You can actually make them die by giving them 25 Might, causing them to do insane damage to themselves, and this tactic has been used to troll Revenant bots in open-world for a long time.

Thanks for the info. Saw one today, this one however replied surprisingly so I didn't report it 

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