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My viewpoint on Backpack Regenerator.


[All Game Modes] - Is Backpack Regenerator a useful trait?  

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  1. 1. Is Backpack Regenerator ever worth running?

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    • No
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The way I see it, the middle tier of traits in Alchemy has 3 options, a team support option (Comeback Cure), a defensive passive (Emergency Elixir), and a personal sustain trait (Backpack Regenerator). My issue with it is that it feels too situational and/or ineffective to ever be worth choosing over the other options and that it feels more like a filler trait than something you'd actually run. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the design of this trait.

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It scales horrible with healing power. Even on full support stats you get < 200 HP from a single MDF pulse. Comeback Cure on the other hand generates significantly more healing on whoever gets a condition cleansed. If the scaling was improved, it could be an option. Especially for encounters with very few conditions (incoming). 


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I run it in raid and strike as the main healer. Comeback cure is useless since you can easly have perma regen with mace 3 and heal kit 5. The healing it give is not massive true, but its does give more healimg dot at the end of the day. Via the trait that share self healing every 3 sec.

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The major master tier already has 2 better options to self sustain, one them are group sustain (Comeback Cure).

I think that an ofensive oriented option would be better, so the tier would have one option for group support, one option for self support and one option for offense.

As example, the role could be changed from Backpack Regenerator to Backpack Infusor/Injetor. It could infuse the attacks with some poisonous substance/element/thing, so the attack would inflict poison. Just an example.

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It is a good trait to run when playing solo, particularly if combined with something like the flamethrower and quickness scrapper.


The problem however, is that basically every other form of regen you have is better, from big boomer to rapid regeneration, the other traits that do the same thing are stronger and not by just a small amount, what I am saying is that you have to be heavily invested into self sustain to consider it and then it can push you over that unkillable line in pve.

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