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Just returned, almost quit again but...


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Just returned from a 1.5 year break in FFXIV as a tank, where I was mainly stationary while tanking.

I was in PoF and dying to everything, even couldn't survive 2-3 mobs, and thinking something wrong with my Engineer Holosmith build. It felt so squishy, and super frustrating. 

Completely forgot that I had to keep moving here. I started moving around like crazy, and now taking way less damage, and can survive 8 mobs + 1 veteran.

Hope I've solved the problem, but please let me know if there's any other major changes that happened to Engineer.  I don't have EoD yet or I would have transitioned to Mechanist.

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Have you tried a gyro scrapper that uses the bulwark gyro and the blast shield trait? It's somewhat difficult to die to mobs or anything under champion level while solo with all the barrier you can get with that scrapper, and the quickness you have access to is also quite nice, along with superspeed. Fun class, and I think scrapper is better than mech when it comes to mobs because of all the barrier and how you can "tank" things a bit more. Moving is of course still ideal since it won't create a bad habit for other classes but you can definitely be more stationary on scrapper. It's also a more fun class to play than mech. One of the main things I got EoD for early last month was to use mech but I use scrapper far more now than I do mech, despite me unlocking scrapper after I unlocked mech. I have scrapper almost on the same level as reaper for my open world enjoyment and use. 

There is a spot in echovald wilds near the junkyard that for what seems to be 10-15 minutes has basically unending mob/enemy spawns with elites and vets being a part of them so for 10-15 minutes you are constantly fighting multiple enemies. I like to take my builds there to see how they do and scrapper was actually better than reaper for that because I had so much barrier the entire time and rarely got any of my actual health depleted. Mech was a clear third to those two builds. 

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I have a Full Zerker Holo Open World build that can solo some open world champs and bosses, except two kind of them: cc spammers and reflects spammers. Without the need to use marauder and/or defensive traitlines.

It has good CC, excellent damage, good condi cleanse, decent mobility, excellent autohealing and a single stun break. In addition you have blocks, reflects and damage mitigation.


I use the Raid/Fractal/Strikes set; but you can use Rune of the Pack for armor; and Energy Sigil for a weapon.

You can change Hard Light Arena for rifle turret if you need more damage and Less Protection and CC. That makes a synergi with Kinnetic Batery; so if you use Sword 3 on +100 heat, rifle turret, you have Rune of the Pack and Soul Pastries (cheap food option) you will able to have perma quickness. In the other hand you can change Kinnetic Batery for Adrenal Implant in order to have lots of dodges (plus vigor with tools). You can full heal yourself with healing turret, jumping and blast water combos, etc.

But for groups; like some Map metas  such as Dragon Stand, Palawadan, etc. Or group bounties, yeah Scrapper is better 'cause you can still do a raid rotation, you have barrier and a stun break skill; while you are applying quickness to ur friends. And if you only wanna do the meta but don't wanna try be top dps, change grenades for flamethrower. Personally for me is a little boring build, but still useful.


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