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Help me find a class


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On 6/9/2023 at 10:23 PM, Xperiment.6923 said:

I like being Tough

I like big Shields

I like Support over DPS

Look Lord hizen build up. Celestial herald. You have a shield. You can go one vs one Everything. You pulse boons. I assume you mean OW PvE. In competitive you generally know what is tougher than you.

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Warrior can be unkillable:

1)Power build example: with condi cleanses, healing while attacking by getting might, healing by shouts (alies too), healing while doing damage after entering and exiting bs mode, some stability, stunbreaks, shield, some cc and 1600 toughness. Axe burst for single target, gs burst for many adds. +some might to alies around you +quickness after using burst after the patch


2) Condi build with lots of condi cleanses, healing while attacking by spending adrenaline, regen, healing by shouts, strongest healing skill in game that heals for the damage taken, shouts that also heal alies around you, revive banner for 5 instant revivals, shield, 2100 toughness, bow for aoe and range damage, sword for leap and some bleeding. High health + some might to alies around you


3) Another power build again with shield but more support oriented that passive heals you at least for 488 per seconds, heals every time you get might, by shouts, by spending adrenaline, with regen, some stability, condi cleanses but less stunbreaks and no toughness. damage is low on this one. + some might to alies around you

Personally i dont like shields and instead of shield I get second axe in off hand or warhorn for alies condi cleanses and barrier.



Celestial guardian: lots of boons, some healing, some toughness, shield, lots of utilities but low damage


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