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Power Renegade for raids


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Hi, wanted to know if there is some way to play power renegade in raids like Sw/Sw Kalla/Shiro or something and what rotation and benchmark should I reach to be able to use it in raids and if it is even worth taking over power herald?

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I played power alacrigade back when that was a thing.  Though if you want a pure power build, it will look something like this:  http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAwyVltQMsNyjpRdsMijNSkMDigJ3l6TF-zRIYR0xXG1mCVUB2OAVA-e

Well, it "works."  I can't give you a benchmark because it is rarely benchmarked as it is the weakest of the 3 in strike DPS.  For usage tips, make sure to use Icerazor's Ire twice before swapping from Kalla to Shiro... except for the opening.  Always try to hit that sweet spot with Charged MIsts to get extra energy.  In Shiro, it is more important to maintain Impossible Odds than it is to use sword or shortbow skills, so if you're running low on energy it is best to just auto attack with IO on.  There isn't going to be a fixed rotation, since none of the cooldowns and energy costs line up well with each other.  Aside from the above, the rule of thumb is that if you have the energy, you use the DPS skill.  As a DPS you won't need to use Heroic Command or Orders from Above, but know that they're an easy way to adjust energy for Charged MIsts.

There are some advantages to this build.  For one, it is the only viable way for revenant to do ranged strike damage.  This does show up on occasion, such as with Xera and Deimos.  The shortbow has CC, and also does decent hybrid damage for strike-hardened targets.  The second advantage is that Kalla is an excellent legend.  It has one of the best CC skills in the game via Darkrazor's Daring, rare group life leach and supplementary heals from Soulcleave and Breakrazor, and decent vulnerability stacking with Icerazor.  Otherwise, Power Renegade is played just like power herald and power vindicator, except with lower overall power modifiers.  

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