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Time to Review Game On Steam


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This is just becoming @Cal Cohen.2358's means of playing a game where he/she/it/they/them/fae/narcissist gets to make themselves godmode at the expense of classes they couldnt originally beat in a 1 on 1  fight.


My  opinion of course, but I just LOVE (sarcasm)  new new unstable 12 second cooldown bladestorm that does less damage than my scepter auto attack (unstable crits for between 200-300 using commander and celestial gear... quite a bit less than my scepter auto attack), the tiniest radius possible,  and is the only ranged ability of the type that cannot target an enemy on the edge of a wall. 


Good on you @Cal Cohen.2358


I WILL NOT buy your expansion. I work too hard to spend my money on a game you take it upon yourself to negatively affect other players so you can have as close to God mode as possible. 


But then,  looking at the forums.... you @Cal Cohen.2358 did not listen to a single thing the people who you want money from, said. 


And no. I won't let the door hit me on the way out. I will be moving far too rapidly to another game for that to occur. 


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Yeah, only reason i didn't  preorder the new xpac and will probably not even play the game anymore was not only this patch, but also the 2 before it. I will lurk around until July 18, if the game still thinks mesmer should be unplayable then i won't play anymore lol, kinda sd for all the money i spent but happy because i won't spend a dime anymore.

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I'm having really confilcting thoughts about buying the expansion as well...

I lost all trust i have in Anet.

On one hand, what they are trying to implement seems really great, and i'd love to play the story and new maps as a rifle mirage, but on the other hand, they just introduced a balancing nightmare that i'm positive will turn into a mess really fast and won't be able to be resolved.

With us getting the short end of the stick of course...

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They killed mesmer when the only place where it would do well was in PVE with virtuoso DPS.

Now any mes spec is underperforming in PvP (sPvP and WvW). GG ANET. Maybe consider fixing long time known bugs before nerfing the class brainlessly? I'm done serisously.

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