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This Isn't Working


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Combat becomes less fun and more work with each patch.

A massive and fundamental change is needed.

Adding a new weapon to each class won't solve this. 

There are literally thousands of people here who would pay you to let them fix this mess.

End this cycle of "balance" patches that infuriate your players and suck the fun out of the game.

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You man you are one of those crazies that plays video games for...fun? Nuts!

I'm also one of those crazies (like the majority of gamers) that plays video games for fun and decreasing the fun in a game does not make me more interested in playing it. 

My two favourite builds for the professions I have were signet reaper and quickness scrapper and both got gutted here. Going to a more "meta" reaper build is still decently fun but not as fun as before, despite giving me more dps. Scrapper feels so clunky now because of them not adding whirl finishers to the change and I have no desire to play it going forward if this is how it is going to stay.

The thing that might be the biggest bummer for me is them nerfing the no cooldown for slam on the turtle pilot booster. That was super fun to just roll around open world stomping things on the turtle when I wanted to just super relax yet now it's just blah. There was no reason to do this nerf.

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