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Expansion after SOTO


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Its not to early to wish for stuff in the next x pac.

new races

//(nothing i need but) easy to implement Drawfs and whatever Darga is (Jotun). Will it add much? for some it will.

new Elites

that's a big one and Elites stand alone expansion could be something anet can sell. 8 Dollar per elite. 

one complete new class

( a demon Spawn themed class or a Wizard theme)


thats a Huge one but there is this floating Iland at the Wizard tower. If players get something of that size with the ability to costumize. Just a small activitie for completionist nothing must have to play the game of course.

Dye weapons

with jewelry 500 or without it all ok.

climbing Parkour

we have a lot mount mobility maybe our char can become more agile in certain situations. climbing walls mountains, wall jumps, slide

Class specific weapons

we just got all weapons but maybe we can do a new version of the old system. Where classes can get weapons only for their class.

Guardian a Book or a Spear

Ranger transform into a wild beast or a Net

Mesmer a music instruments or a mirror

Necro a harvest sichel 

Warrior fist weapons

Thief no idea sry 

Rev there is alot rev could get since it works with legends

Engi a Iron man suit

New map for next xpac

on this one i trust anet a End of the World map but whatever shows of more of the world

just some ideas no must do

also ppl who are confused u all welcome to write ur own ideas



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6 minutes ago, Farohna.6247 said:

I haven't even had my SOTO coffee yet, and there are more parts of it to come.  It really IS too early for another expansion wish list.  

Actually, it's probably far too late for the next expansion and it's already in development (it's due out in about a year). Maybe for the one after that.

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