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There's no official schedule for the gem store and player-made ones are basically predictions based on varying amounts of data.

They make some changes to the gem store at least once a week, usually including adding a new item, but individual items can be available for months and then absent for months before coming back.

9 hours ago, Marikus.1875 said:

what are your thoughts on the travelers appearance? 

I think it's ok, but too similar to armour skins for me, meaning if I ever want that look I can make my own using the wardrobe which will allow me to tailor it to the character, it's not worth buying an outfit for something like that.

I do sometimes use outfits to make my character fit in more with the NPCs, I've got a few formal clothing ones for special occasions and things like that Season 2 story step where you're at a party in Divinity's Reach, the Common Clothing outfit of course, and things like the arctic and jungle explorer outfits. But those all do things I couldn't do with armour at the time I bought them.

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