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  1. TBH, unless you're playing a chad norse, most of these bigger swords and hammers are huge relative to your body size. So theoretically the weapon should trail behind your character as they drag it across the ground when they walk due to its sheer size leaving a little trail behind as you move.
  2. Didn't play FFXIV for nearly as long as I did WoW and Starwars Galaxies. Also, I'm "new" to GW2 in the sense that I'm "back". Archived forums - as proof, this is the official screenshot thread I created probably well before you even started playing the game. https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/community/creations/Screenshot-Thread I loved the graphics back then and I love them today and am perfectly happy with the particle effects. The particle effects are a step above WoW and several steps below FFXIV which, IMO, is the sweet spot. I am NOT saying we shouldn't have a sli
  3. You misread what I wrote. I said every class plays the same and gave an example of what I meant. I said a blue mage player plays exactly like another BLUE MAGE PLAYER. I never once said a blue mage plays identical to a dragoon. Give me a break and stop with the strawman trying to discredit me. The FACTS still stand, IF YOU ARE CLASS X in FFXIV, AND another player is CLASS X, you BOTH play the IDENTICAL way. TWO dragoons play the exact same way. You have literally ZERO player agency (control) over how you play your class. It's cookie cutter. The game tells YOU how YOU and everyone els
  4. No, I was agreeing with you I just didn't put the reddit "/s" after my post. I agree that not everyone in America is 'rich' despite many thinking we all are just because of the fact we live here lol.
  5. The things I'm most excited for are: Ray Tracing Deeper shadows (maybe improved SSAO?) More terrain foilage/clutter (sometimes map grass placement is too sparse esp in vanilla maps) Better cape physics (there's like this weird gap between the cape and a players back lol) Dynamic weather system (brings in dust storms/rain storms/blizzards etc.)
  6. How dare you not assume that literally every American is wealthy and makes a healthy living without having to be on welfare or bust their kitten working two or three jobs!!! Lol, I feel like so many outlanders really have a warped view on what it means to live as an American. Yes, we have a rich nation, but that wealth goes right to the top 1%...
  7. I knew you were going to use this exact argument. You know how I knew? Because I was following your flawed logic since the first time you questioned me. No, this isn't a comparable instance. What you're describing are CANNED PRE-DEFINED classes that ALL players play the exact identical copies of. GW2 has that yes, but where it differs is in the ability to CUSTIMIZE the class further. We're not talking about who has MORE classes but rather how each class can be customized to the players preference to play how THEY want. This shifts player agency to the player with class building
  8. OHHHH now I get it. Thank you ❤️ Is there any other way to get these keys once we complete the level 60 story? Or is it gems only?
  9. LOL I read this and I'm still not 100% clear on what you mean. So let's take me for example. I'm a level 28 ele. I finished my lvl 10 and 20 story...but I only got 1 black trading key which I used to unlock a chest I had. I'm now almost at level 30 for my next storyline phase. When will I get another key? I'm sitting on a chest with no key to opensss ittt...my preciousssss. We wanttssss ittssss.
  10. What are you talking about. I DID play it and it has literally zero class differentiation between each player. Player 1 who plays a blue mages is the exact same as Player 2 who plays a blue mage with respect to class skills. There's no such thing as traits that diversify the way the class plays. Here in GW2, you have build variety. One ele may be spec'd X way with Y weapon while another ele may be a completely different spec.
  11. Still nowhere near as bad as FFXIV where you literally need to go see an ophthalmologist after every raid.
  12. WoW added 3 classes in 17 years (lol). It launched with 9. ESO added 2 classes in 7 years. It launched with 4. GW2 added 1 class in 9 years. It launched with 8. So GW2 has been around for 2 years longer than ESO, but it also launched with literally double the class variety. Additionally, WoW has only 3 more classes than GW2, but has been around for 8 more years.
  13. You do NOT need additional classes to keep an MMO fun and engaging if anything THAT is an unsupported claim. Show me in the data where games that released classes in a regular cadence maintained and grew in popularity because of said content. I'll wait.
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