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Dynamic leveling zones?

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I find it boring to level characters in core Tyria because of how outdated the zones are. Low level world bosses often give little XP and there are almost no metas. Many small events are also very outdated and long, leaving the player with mostly static hearts for leveling. Due to the size of core Tyria and all the collections and stuff connected to them, it's probably unrealistic for GW2 to get a WoW Cataclysm type of revamp. Even if a revamp is doable, it would upset a lot of players who do like core Tyria as it is.

How about making it so that some of the future easy maps are not exclusive to level 80? I think many players would like leveling zones that play more like HoT maps, Dragonfall, SotO maps, etc. with many dynamic events and metas instead of hearts. This would also allow players to gather new currencies while leveling. For example, if Skywatch Archipelago weren’t designed exclusive for level 80’s, players could earn Static Charges, Cases of Captured Lightning, and do SotO achievements while leveling their new characters.

EDIT: Another option is to scale low level characters up, rather than scaling zones down. But again, this should only be limited to easier maps like Skywatch Archipelago, and not harder maps like Dragon's End.

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