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The quality of player

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Win!trading! Is a relic of the past. Botting 20g byzantine chests are the modern iteration of it. 

Win!trading! If you're losing in 2023 it's because you have bots/ or are outskilled. The game is so past dead, I truly don't believe there's anyone win!trading! In the malicious way anymore. Atleast in NA. 


I'm game for proof of wintraders in 2023 if you can provide, but these people that cost you games, running into 1v3s are bots, not wintraders. Wintraders will give up at the start of a game, the literal start, because the repercussions are nil, same for botting. 

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Sorry, but solid evidence of wintrading has already been illegally posted in the forums, most removed with suspensions for naming and shaming.

The burden of proof has already been covered by the prosecution, now the turn lies on the defendants.

Personally, I believe the quality of the wintrader is the only thing that has "decreased".

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