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  1. Man I'm sure you could have peaceful towns around the maps even without making them bigger. I wouldn't even expect them to have no events at all, just no combat events. They could have more relaxing events like helping a noble find something or solving a puzzle etc.
  2. I actually really agree man. The game needs more Claypools and Beetletuns. Way more Claypools and Beetletuns.
  3. Probably buy season 2, the same way everyone else does at that point. Why does this change just because they're on Steam?
  4. Why would anyone in their right mind do this knowing that in like a month it'll be available in exchange for Black Lion Statuettes? But hey, at least you'll have enough Statuettes to get it lmfao
  5. I'm not sure how old you are but are you familiar with the fact that before the Xbox came out, games generally didn't offer you the solutions to all the puzzles and collections? 🤔 You have the option of using an external guide to cheat your way through the game's content. Were the solutions to every challenge given in the game itself, then those who don't wish to cheat their way through might not have any such option.
  6. What if I told you that the point of fishing is exactly the same as the point of playing Guild Wars 2?
  7. Hate to say it but I kinda agree, if I ever have to look at another repurposed Destroyer model ..
  8. Yes yes we know, nothing should ever have to be earned or bought with gold, nothing should ever require any amount of time to unlock, nothing should be overly challenging etc etc.
  9. I dunno man Vindicator is by far my favourite elite from EoD so far. It feels cool to play and having two legends that are opposite each other rewards hybrid gear builds, which I feel don't really compliment any other elite spec in the game. The dodge mechanic is awesome and really unique within the game; I love how you can even specialise the function of the dodge towards DPS or healing, or you can leave it balanced between damage and support. I think this might be just a case of the spec not appealing to you. That's all right. There are entire professions that I just don't understand the app
  10. The skiff isn't considered a mount on the GUI and there's currently a visual bug on the interface? Don't you think you're kinda grasping at reeds a little here if you have to include those as criticisms of the expac?
  11. I feel like once every few months there's a post that says one of the core philosophies behind the gameplay of Guild Wars 2 was no grind. This is completely incorrect and you won't find anyone from Arenanet saying there won't be any grind in Guild Wars 2. What they said is there is no gear progression grind and there's no grind to reach max level, which there absolutely is not. Most players are thankful that there are elements of grindy content in the game, that's a pretty core part of almost all RPGs.
  12. It's not Fort Marriner, there's no need to announce your departure
  13. Huh? We went from civilisation being in a state with a level of development between the early middle ages and the renaissance, to being in 2300. I think that's what people find unconvincing, not technological development lmao. It's not bad writing to have a civilisation that develops at a realistic pace.. when I saw Guild Wars 2 concept art, I thought the whole game was going to have a 1700s-1800s vibe and I thought that was a great direction that would follow naturally in succession after the first game's world. It's also extremely jarring that different areas of society are seemi
  14. My feelings on this are complicated. Do I want futuristic cyberpunk elements in Guild Wars? No. Not at all. What attracted me to Guild Wars as a series was Pre-Searing Ascalon, and that's what I still think of as the quintessential Guild Wars environment. The closer to those sort of environments we had in the first game, the more I like it. However, while I agree strongly that these sci-fi elements are a terrible choice in direction for the series, they're already here and have been for a long time. It started with the Asura stuff, which I largely disliked from launch, and got subs
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