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Lunatic Inquisition, an already unpopular mode, nerfed to have no rewards in a very unfair/unhealthy for the game mode manner.


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What's up with the lunatic Inquisition reward nerf down to 0?

Previously- it was 15 bags if villager survived, 5 bags if lunatic member or villager. 

Now it's one daily bag for lunatic members to 0 reward. That's right, if you spawn lunatic you get no rewards whatsoever. If you play more than one game - 0 bags.  Not if you win, not if you kill. No matter how many players you convert, not if you lose. 0. Bags. 0 rewards.  

The only way you win bags besides daily is by surviving and beating everyone as villager. 


So like lunatic has no rewards or motivation to do anything at all.  And like, once this is clear, to me, its honestly kind of guilt inducing trying to convert the opponent because now you're removing any chance of them having any reward.  I mean I'd personally want to play because otherwise it's no fun, but like, by playing the game I'm doing something bad to other players?! Ugh. That's ..... Really really personally an uncomfortable position to be in.   Like if I don't play that's bad because it's no fun. But if I remove people's rewards...ugggggh. Congrats, now lunatic court players are forced into a no win, no fun situation. 

This is super unfair to anyone who spawned lunatic. 

How. How does this make any sense at all?!


Why even make a fun  game mode to just remove basically all rewards from it?! It was never popular to begin with. I'd understand it if you did this to an already popular activity, at least it could handle the nerf. But we were already short on Inquisition players. At this rate anet is going to force it down to just a few niche regulars and how, how is that a healthy or desirable state for any game mode to be in?! What is even the intent in this update?!

Anet why are you so against people playing and enjoying the same content? Does everything HAVE to be a play once, don't come back thing ? Kitten everyone who likes the content?!

Also, making it so inquisition members get 0 reward, including starting inquisition members, regardless of win or performance seems just straight unfair and unbalanced.  I honestly can't even feel pleased even if I win that everyone playing with me is getting kittened over with 0 rewards. We never had that many players.   So you want to kill already struggling content?! What is the sense in this?!!!!!!


Reasons lunatic Inquisition is awesome:

- exciting and fun hide and seek/tag

- no repetitive and fast button mashing, so friendly to those with hand issues and arthritis

- much friendlier if you have limited time to play

- super freaking fun

- much easier for my abilities than anything else xd


[Complaining here] Anet stop making fun game modes have 0 rewards. I'm so sick o most everything I like in the game meaning I have to put up with having 0 rewards.  Is this really a game that is meant to force people to play one kind of content only? =[. And also the layout is so there's a disincentive for lunatics to do anything at all since you get no rewards anyway. GW2 is a helpful game with a generally great community and I don't think (removing other people's rewards) is pleasant for most of us. 


My suggestion for this to be fixed: 

- small reward for playing (5 bags like before, or 1. ) - since this mode is well loved but is niche and not popular, I think participation rewards are good. 

- medium-small reward for court winning (I think the more active players are, the more fun, and this would make a good incentive) (5-10 bags?). I'd say 10 but it's somewhat easier for the court to win than villagers I think, correct me if wrong. Maybe 8?

- big reward for lunatics wiping out every villager (10-15 bags?)

- villagers that survived to the end (15 bags as before)

- villager win (10 bags?)




Anyway, I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on the reward nerf, on what anet's intentions were, your thoughts, disagreements, agreements,  counter suggestions to what would be a fair reward spread that would maximize active players, everything. 

To clarify. I would consider active players villagers who are hiding, running or fighting back against lunatic, lunatic who are chasing or seeking. I would consider inactive players lunatics who are afking at spawn but I'd much rather have afkers than less players in the activity. 


* I'm pretty happy with most all of the Halloween content and think it rocks (non timed jp is nice) but that this was done to my favorite and very anticipated Halloween game mode is just heartbreaking. 



At it's core I just think that removing rewards entirely from a game mode to the point that participants will unavoidably get 0 rewards no matter what they do or forcing a game mode to be daily only and harshly punishing anyone who does it more than once a day just seems completely unacceptable to me in a game. 



New rewards - lunatics get one bag daily and 0 bags for every game thereafter no matter what. 

Villagers get 0 bags unless they survive to the end. 

no one gets any rewards for winning. No rewards for participating. This game mode was not popular. 

Catch 22- 

If lunatic 0 reward no matter what you do or how you play. You are being kittened over. 

If lunatic & convert- we have fun, but whoever you convert gets no rewards. So now you are kittening over others in terms of rewards 

If lunatic & don't convert - the game is now boring. This mode is so niche people come here for the fun of it. So now you are kittening over others in terms of fun.


There is no win situation here. This is a catch 22 trap . Unacceptable game design in my book. But as upset as I am, I'd want to hear it if anyone has explanation, thoughts, suggestions, etc. 

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  • cloudsareyum.8120 changed the title to Lunatic Inquisition, an already unpopular mode, nerfed to have no rewards in a very unfair/unhealthy for the game mode manner.

Actually the nerf came last year...and unfortunately it was due to a lot of players exploiting the rewards as ghosts (if you know you know) in the gamemode. I won't mention what because then this thread will be insta-deleted.

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1 hour ago, Philapa.3842 said:

Just had a person who hid on the walls the whole time through the jumping puzzle and said it was a feature of the game for the past 10 years.  

it is a bug they never fixed and probabely never will fix.

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