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Hammer Burst rework


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Ok so hammer has a issue.

Issue: Hammer only movement skill is the burst and to use the burst you need adrenaline and to get adrenaline you need to be at melee.

so you can see the issue here where a moment skill can't be used to gap close to an enemy.


Solution: Swap Hammer Shock with Earthshaker of Course they would be needed to be adjusted.


For Earthshaker i would put 1 sec stun and of course in wvw and pvp get its damaged reduced.


and for Hammer Shock i would put 3 tiers of damage and increasing immob or cripple.


Conclusion: That would make the weapon way more reliable and having a movement skill that does not require resources.


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doesn't help that this skill both forms (og/berserker) would still miss if used directly on top of a player with a difference in elevation.

Mighty blow(guardian hammer) had this issue too but was fixed in a way that the leap on it was lower, not sure why they didn't apply the same to this skill.

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