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Is it possible to play the SOTO story in group?

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Hi there,

I just finished the Secrets of the Obscure story and managed to get my Skyscale. Now a friend of mine would like to do the same and asked me for some help.

I was wondering: is it possible to group with him (with another lvl 80 character of mines that never played SOTO) and do all the quest and story events together?  Or each chapter is just a "solo" istance even if we are grouped together? 

Anyone knows how it works?  Thanks.

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Any story in the game can be done in a party, so up to 5 players. Just be aware that you each have to do the open world steps (talking to NPCs, opening rifts, etc) and when in instances be sure to click to accept progress when prompted, or you'll get out of synch.

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You can also join them on a character who has already completed it, or isn't up to that story yet. You just won't get credit for completion if it's not your active story, and you won't see the open world map markers so if you want to help your friend out with those steps you'll have to follow their lead.

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2 hours ago, Tenofas.6098 said:

I returned to GW2 few weeks ago, and before I always played alone... so I have no idea how this works.

  1. You build a party
  2. You gather all party member on the map-instance with the quest-star (it's NOT possible to join a story-instance later on, all need to be present at start)
  3. one opens the story, by approaching the star, all others get a dialog to join, they should press accept
  4. the one who opened the story has to do all the story interactions in the instance
  5. when done accept progress
  6. the openeer should leave last, to give all the others the time to accept the progress (as all are kicked out when he leaves)


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