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Getting CC'd when using Well of Bounty

Za Shaloc.3908

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ANet can you please look into this? Can't tell you how many times it has happened to me. It feels so bad to be CC'd when using a skill that is intended to be a source of group stability. My understanding is that there is a slight delay between the time of teleport and the application of stability, which is what allows this to happen so easily. The stability will still be applied regardless of whether I get knocked out of the well, but...the CC still lands. Very frustrating to say the least as the stab is the primary reason I choose to slot this in WvW. 

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On 11/16/2023 at 4:51 PM, ZeroTheRuler.7415 said:

It's probably happening during the cast time. Most wells have it and it's also easy to cancel out of it too.

Maybe there's something I don't understand about it, but I don't believe it's happening during the cast time. If I were to get CC'd during the cast time then I would assume the cast would not complete and the port would be denied. But this happens after the skill successfully completes. The well is placed on the ground and persists for its entire duration, but if I happen to port into a CC, the CC seems to register before the the stability actually applies. So for example, I will get knocked back and then immediately after will get my stacks of stab applied from the well. I have no issue with this happening with any of the other wells, but on the one that is specifically meant to help counter CC, it feels really bad. I'll see if I can record something over the weekend and slow it down to better be able to see/illustrate what's happening.

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I've noticed this recently in WvW too where it just never goes off when I need it to. Most of the time I can't even tell why and just keep pressing it. People have requested that it included a Stunbreak since Specter has none so that'd still be helpful.

I been trying to make Shortbow Specter work with the new Blast heal relic in zergs, as well as trying it with Daredevil. It's uh... Okay I guess. Specter could really use it's max Ini raised still. Shroud still gets instant deleted too fast to augment it with Shroud 2 Blast. It's nice to actually have AoE damage though while healing, unlike Scepter.

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